Customer Service Inspections and Cross Connection Surveys​

  • Comprehensive assessments of plumbing systems
  • Identifying potential cross-connection points and backflow risks
  • Evaluating plumbing configurations and irrigation systems
  • Identifying potential hazards and cross-connection risks
  • Ensuring compliance with backflow prevention regulations
  • Mitigating risks to maintain water quality and safety
  • Providing tailored recommendations for backflow prevention measures
  • Suggesting appropriate devices and solutions to minimize contamination risks
  • Thorough documentation of survey findings and recommendations
  • Maintaining records for compliance and future reference
  • Offering ongoing assistance and consultation for backflow prevention
  • Addressing questions, providing guidance, and assisting with repairs or upgrades

The purpose of a customer service inspection is to identify the presence of potential sources of contamination or illegal lead plumbing materials.

Prior to continuous water service, Customer Service Inspections are required in the following situations:

  • When there is new construction.
  • When there is plumbing work that requires a permit and involves major modifications to the private water distribution system (the customers’ side of the water meter.
  • When water purveyors believe that a cross-connection or other potential contaminations exist.

You can be assured that Envirosmart’s certified (CSI) Inspectors will work hard to make sure your property is safe from cross connections and meet all state requirements.

CSI & Cross Connection Surveys: Ensuring Water Safety

The EnviroSmart Process






CSI and Cross Connection Surveys help identify potential cross-connections that can lead to water contamination. By assessing plumbing systems and irrigation setups, these surveys ensure compliance with regulations and protect the safety of the water supply.

The frequency of surveys depends on various factors, such as local regulations and the nature of the property. Generally, it is recommended to conduct surveys periodically or when changes are made to the plumbing system or water usage. Consulting with our experts can help determine the appropriate schedule for your specific needs.

During a survey, our technicians will thoroughly examine your plumbing system, including potential cross-connection points. They will assess the risk level, document findings, and provide recommendations to mitigate any identified risks. The survey may involve visual inspections, interviews, and data collection.

If potential cross-connections are identified, our experts will recommend appropriate backflow prevention measures. This may include installing backflow prevention devices, modifying plumbing configurations, or implementing additional safeguards. Following their recommendations will help mitigate the risk of water contamination.