Customer Service Inspections play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of water distribution systems and protecting public health. These inspections are designed to identify potential sources of contamination or the presence of illegal lead plumbing materials. The main purpose of a customer service inspection is to assess and address any issues that could compromise the quality and safety of the water supply.

There are several situations in which customer service inspections are required. Firstly, new construction projects necessitate inspections to ensure that the plumbing systems are installed correctly and do not pose any risks of contamination. This is particularly important as improper installation can lead to cross-connections or other potential sources of contamination.

Secondly, customer service inspections are required when plumbing work is undertaken that requires a permit and involves major modifications to the private water distribution system. These inspections help ensure that the modifications comply with relevant regulations and standards, minimizing the chances of contamination.

Lastly, inspections may be initiated by water purveyors if they suspect the presence of cross-connections or other potential sources of contamination. Identifying and addressing such issues promptly is crucial for maintaining water quality and safeguarding public health.

Envirosmart, with its certified Customer Service Inspectors (CSI), aims to provide a reliable and thorough inspection service. Their inspectors work diligently to ensure that properties are safe from cross-connections and comply with all state requirements. By conducting comprehensive inspections, Envirosmart strives to protect the integrity of water distribution systems and contribute to the overall safety of the community’s water supply.

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